UV Light Installation in West Palm Beach, FL: What You Need to Know

Learn more about how UV lights help improve air quality and how to install them in air conditioning systems in West Palm Beach.

UV Light Installation in West Palm Beach, FL: What You Need to Know

A UV lamp can be a great addition to your West Palm Beach home, as it can help disinfect heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and improve air quality. It can remove mold, bacteria, viruses, and other microbes within 10 seconds of contact. However, not all air conditioning systems are the same, so you have to consider the placement of the UV lamp for maximum efficiency. Generally speaking, UV lamps must be installed near the evaporator coil, allowing the lamp to sterilize the air as soon as it enters the HVAC.

For example, if you have a central cooling system, you must install the UV light near the air intake. In the case of window-mounted units, the optimal location is close to the window. If you already have an air conditioning system that includes UV lights and you need to repair them, you can contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating to have your system checked or to have your UV lamps changed. If you're thinking of installing UV lamps, you don't have to worry about making noises, as they are usually quiet.

Like any other home improvement project, you should prepare before starting an installation of UV HVAC lights. Since the light itself can cost quite a bit, this can help you save a few dollars in installation costs. All is not lost, as instead of installing a new outlet, it can be much easier to connect the light directly to the unit. By installing a UV germicidal lamp, you can help reduce symptoms and create a healthier environment for everyone in your household.

Today, you'll learn more about how UV lights help improve air quality and, ultimately, how to install UV light in air conditioning systems. In the context of the air conditioning system, ultraviolet light is a germicidal lamp that renders microorganisms ineffective by destroying their RNA or DNA. In West Palm Beach, Florida, there are several companies that offer professional UV light installation services and have years of experience in this field. UV HVAC lamps are quite simple and the best thing about them is that they require almost no maintenance - the same goes for the replacement of the UV bulb.

Welcome to Filterbuy Local - the best UV HVAC lamp installation service company that is proud to serve the greater Palm Beach Gardens area and surrounding areas. Otherwise, if your UV lamp comes with a paper template, you'll just have to tape it to the area where you want to install the light - which can save you a lot of time. Please note that the lamp must be installed as close as possible to the drip tray due to the higher moisture content. One of the ways HVAC professionals make sure you have a healthy environment to breathe in is by installing UV lights.

This is especially important in areas like Boynton Beach Boca Raton Palm Beach Lake Worth Wellington West Palm Beach Jupiterlantana Palm Beach Gardens North Palm Beach Greenacres Palm Springs Palm Springs Royal Palm Beach Juno Beach Delray Beach Lake Park Tequesta. Installing these lamps is not only beneficial for your health but also for your wallet - since they require almost no maintenance and their replacement bulbs are relatively inexpensive.

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